Purpleline E-Go QuicKEY Mover Set


Now you can remove the mover!

Purpleline E-GO 400 Titanium Caravan Mover

Purpleline E-GO 400 Titanium Caravan Mover

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E-Go QuicKEY has been specifically designed for caravans and camper trailers, whose owner likes to go off-road and/or travel light - they want a mover but do not want it permanently attached.

Once the E-Go QuicKEY is fitted the user can control the movement of the caravan or camper trailer via a remote control, making hitching and de-hitching simple and allowing precise manoeuvring in tight spaces at the touch of a button. This reduces the risk of damage to the camper or caravan and tow vehicle by taking the stress out of these highly demanding tasks.

The E-Go QuicKEY power mover can quickly be removed when not in use to ensure that maximum ground clearance is maintained, the motors do not become damaged, to save weight whilst in transit and so that it can be stored away to prevent theft.

E-Go QuicKEY quick release brackets are easy to fit and the power movers can be quickly installed onto these quick release brackets. All hardware and electrical components are supplied along with a detailed 'User Manual", all you need do after installing it is to connect it to a 12V battery.

Voltage: 12V DC

Power Source: 12V DC

Average Current Consumption: 25 Ampere

Maximum Current Consumption: 76 Amper

Maximum Speed:12cm per second

Weight including all fixtures and fittings: 37Kg

Safe Working Load (SWL) Two Motors (Twin Configuration): 2250Kg

Safe Working Load (SWL) Four Motor (Quad Configuration): 3500Kg

Minimum Width (Recreational Vehicle): 1800mm

Maximum Width (Recreational Vehicle): 2500mm



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