Kings Gas Hot Water System

Kings Portable Gas Hot Water System
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All Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches (72 Patches). CWK008

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Kings Portable Gas Hot Water System | Water Heater | Water Pump

No longer do you have to rough it, or try and make do with a pack of baby wipes when you’re camping. With the Kings Portable Gas Hot Water System, as long as you’ve got a gas bottle and a source of water, you’ve got unlimited hot showers!

This clever portable tankless gas hot water system comes as a complete kit, and is designed to connect to a standard BBQ gas bottle. Unlike some competitors, our portable gas hot water system includes the required water pump – so you can draw water from just about any water source, and saves you have to spend up to $100 buying a water pump separately! Simply connect the 4.3L per minute electric water pump and hoses to the system, your battery, and a water source. That could be a bucket, a tap, the water tank in your vehicle, camper trailer or caravan, or even directly drawn out of a creek or dam! Finally, add the included adjustable shower head, and you’re ready to go.

It has adjustable controls for both gas and water flow, as well as a bright digital LED temperature gauge. That means you can precisely control how hot you want your water to be, as well as the water pressure too. It has an in-built safety temperature cut-off to prevent the water getting scalding hot There’s even winter and summer modes, with the summer mode using a single gas burner when you only need to heat the water a little bit, and the winter mode using three burns for beautiful hot water on chilly nights. It’s capable of raising the temperature of water approximately 25 degrees above the source temperature, which makes for a beautiful hot shower. You can even re-circulate water through the system back into your storage container to bring the source water temperature up higher.

The included shower head features three different spray patterns, as well as an on-off switch so you can save water when you need to conserve it. The system self-ignites as soon as it senses water flow, and turns on as soon as you when you turn the water off.

While the Kings Portable Gas Hot Water System is great for showers, it’s got a heap more uses too! Use it to give your pup a much-needed bath in the backyard, or use it for instant hot water to wash up dishes at camp. It’s also ideal for remote and rural off-grid properties – anywhere you could want reliable hot water at the flick of a switch!

You’re going to love the Kings Portable Gas Hot Water System, and how much use you’ll get out of it. Say goodbye to roughing it – because the more comfortable you make your camping adventures, the more often you’ll go camping!

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