Setec Drifter - LCD Tank & Battery Monitor


The Drifter is a powerful all-in-one monitoring device which allows you to take control and manage your battery, fresh water tank and waste tank.

Drifter Water Sensor Tank Set

Drifter Water Sensor Tank Set

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The Drifter Owner's Manual
Owner's Manual (PDF)
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The Drifter is an LCD display unit with the capacity to monitor up to four water tanks AND a 12V battery. This means that you’ll know when you’re running low on fresh water or when your waste tank needs to be emptied (if you choose this as an option to monitor), all whilst observing your battery’s status (current going in and out).

The Drifter is compatible with any 12V lead acid battery, including VRLA, AGM, Gel and even the traditional non-sealed batteries.

Other Great Features Include:

  • Clock
  • Low voltage warning
  • Ambient temperature display
  • USB charge port, ideal for charging ipods, mobile phones and mp3 players
  • Battery isolator
  • Remote auxiliary switch
  • Water and waste tank monitoring
  • Has the ability to control your battery and water pump via switch
  • Large LCD screen for day and night viewing
  • Back light which can be set as a night light

Box Includes:

  • Large LCD screen
  • 1 x Shunt
  • 5 way and 9 way connectors
  • Sensors for wiring two tanks 
  • Full fitting instructions
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