Cycling is an integral part of many people’s fitness routines and going on a caravanning or camping trip is no reason to break this healthy hobby. For those with space constraints, folding pedal bikes might be the ideal solution. Here at RV Parts Express we currently stock a 20” RV Coaster folding pedal bike that is perfect for trips away in the RV or caravan. Many people like a bit of exercise before they turn in for the night and our foldable bike let you do just that. 

For more information on our folding pedal bikes, please click on the product pictures below. Here you will find full product specifications and also a handy video providing a clear demonstration as to how to fold and unfold the bike. If you have any questions about our folding pedal bikes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a staff member will be happy to help.  

Folding Pedal Bikes

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