Sphere Mobile Wi-Fi Router


Provides protected internet access for your family and friends!

Jayco LED Oval Light 12V Dual

Jayco LED Oval Light 12V Dual

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Now, you don't have to cut yourself off from the rest of the world when you're on the road! With Sphere's new 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Routers, you have the flexibility of surfing the internet with ease on your travels!

In-built flash drive USB sharing feature allows you to stream movies, videos, music and other file types over the router Wi-Fi signal without consuming any data.

By inserting a SIM card, the router provides protected internet access for your family and friends.

The Sphere Mobile Wi-Fi Router with GPS allows you to obtain the location of your caravan at any time, giving you the comfort and security to locate your caravan or motorhome when necessary!

Secure GPS tracking*

Power Consumption: 150mA @ 12V

Wi-Fi Range (open air): +100 Meters

4 LAN Ports

1 USB Port

*GPS tracking requires 4G Data/Voice SIM

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