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JG Collet Locking Tool

The JG collet locking tool makes it quick and easy to join JG fittings, it can also be used for removing the tube from the fitting.The JG collet locking tool comes in a set of five and will suit JG fittings 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and the popular 1/2" size.


The Ezylevel is the latest technology in levelling your caravan or motorhome. Take the guesswork and frustration out levelling, get it right the first time every time without leaving your vehicle! Your eZylevel transmitter is located in your caravan and your eZylevel receiver is placed in your vehicle, now level your caravan to within 1 degree electronically every time.

Cord Pro

Cordpro oganises just about any flexible item like extension cords, air hoses, water lines, coax cables, appliance cords, computer cables, boat anchor rope and just about anything that is prone to tangling. You can plug it in, start working, and it unreels as you work. It winds up easily because the ends wind past, NOT over each other, so they DON'T TANGLE. It works on anything flexible.

Space Saving Cookware

If you're having trouble with space in your RV's kitchen we have the solution for you! Introducing the latest in stackable cookware for your caravan or camper. Made in Italy this lightweight cookware is made from 99.5% aluminium and also has a non-stick food-safe interior coating (P.T.F.E). This cookware comes with two removable handles which can be removed while cooking to save getting in the way of other pots, it also includes a large colander which is ideal for pasta or spaghetti. This set would also be great for family camping trips.

The Reich Caravan Mover

Suitable for single axle towable vehicles, the Reich Eco range does not affect suspension & can be fitted to either the front or back of the wheel. A roller is fitted to the Reich mover (which clamps onto the vehicles’ chassis). When engaged, the roller turns the wheels & hence is capable of moving your caravan/ trailer in any direction you want it to go.

Eaz Lift Load Distribution Hitch

Over 50 years ago, Eaz Lift became the first patented weight distribution system in North America, & is still the most popular weight distribution hitch (WDH) in America. Coast to Coast have recognized a product that has been tried, tested & now redeveloped to suit Australian Standards. It has been designed with fewer parts, making it easier to use & install. The Eaz Lift WDH’s are constructed of high grade, machine tapered round spring steel bars & are available in a 600 or 800 series. Both the 600 & 800 series include bolt together tow ball mounts that are completely adjustable for changing tow ball height & angles to suit different applications. The left & right sway control mounting facility is already provided for, should you later require a sway control kit for additional towing comfort & safety. All necessary parts come with each WDH including hook-up brackets, spring bars, chains, tow ball mount, hitch pin & a clip & bolt package for adjusting your hitch.

Polysafe Glassware

Perfect for boating, camping, caravanning or beside the pool. Relax even more knowing your Jasper Highball glass is safe and unbreakable. Our new range of premium unbreakable drinkware is made from the highest quality food grade polycarbonate and has a stylish crystal finish.

ADCO Covers

Protect your investment with the most durable cover on the market. ADCO covers feature a four layer Dupont Tyvek top panel which beads water on contact. ADCO's all climate designer series is the No.1 selling cover in the US. ADCO covers come with a three year warranty unlike other covers on the market which only offer one year warranty. You've tried the rest, now try the best!.

Caravan Door Go Between Handle

Tired of your caravan screen door locking open? Frustrated when the wind catches and locks your door back? We now have the solution for you! Introducing the new Caravan Go Between Door Handle, this unique product is simple to use and install in three easy steps.

Genuine Suburban Anode Rod For All Suburban Hot Water Systems

All Surburban RV Hot Water Systems have an anode rod which absorbs all the corrosive action of hot water. It is located on the bottom of the HWS under the main burner, you simply unscrew this to drain the tank of water. If the rod is mostly eaten away, simply replace it with a new one.