Friends of RV Parts Express



Meet our friends from all over Australia who spend their days travelling around our beautiful country and experiencing the adventure of caravanning.


Caravan of Conservation

A family of eco-conscious adventurers and their puppy, Sunny, have been travelling for over 2 years! As they travel, they are also on a mission to spread awareness of the damaging effects of single-use  plastics.


Going Here, There and Everywhere

The family of four who love to explore! They spend their time making memories together as they explore endless new surroundings across Australia from beach to bush, and farm stays to caravan parks.


RNR Wanderers

A couple of wanderers and their two Ladradoodles who started their journey in mid-2015. They began documenting all the beautiful places in Australia they visited and haven't looked back from their slow-living, stress-free "Van life"!

Allards Across Oz

From the sunny Gold Coast, this family of five set off in June 2019 to start exploring, adventuring and getting off the grid around Australia. They travel full-time and encourage anyone thinking about travelling to just do it!


Don't Wanna Go Home

A family of five on a great escape with Pip the dog and Alfie the cat! After years of overseas travel, in 2018 they moved into their caravan and now spend their days hiking, biking, kayaking and world-schooling the kids!

Aussie Caravanning Lifestyle

Dixie and Graeme hooked up their caravan in 2017 and have almost completed their 3rd lap of Australia! They enjoy travelling different roads on each trip, though can't resist revisiting some of their favourite places!


The Young' Nomads

This young, fun-loving family has put a quick pause on life to adventure around Australia! They travel slowly with no rigid plan and say 'yes' to every experience!

Big And Little Adventures

Nothing makes this family happier than when they are off on an adventure out in the middle of nowhere, exploring the hidden gems of Australia!


Travelling Buckinghams

These parents have grown up camping and have now decided to pack up and take their own family on the road to explore our incredible country! 


A Fam In A Van

This young family left Melbourne with a 3-year old and a 6-month old and have now spent almost a year travelling full time! They love spending time together, watching their kids grow and reach milestones, and making memories to last a lifetime.


Our Sunshine Days

Growing up camping with their families and doing their own lap at 21, Nathan and Ashlea knew they wanted to show the wonders and beauty of Australia to their own children. Now they are on to their second caravan

We Just Do Stuff

After a health scare, this family of four from the Gold Coast decided to live with no regrets and now spend blocks of the year exploring Australia.


Driving the Wanderlust

Hailing from Western Australia, this family love nothing more than to explore their beautiful state and the rest of Australia in their spare time!


4 Macs Makin Trax

These well-seasoned travellers decided to pack up and show their kids the beauty of their own backyard before they head off to school!


Cook Family Adventures

This family of four from South Australia and their pooch AJ have been travelling Australia on and off for almost three years!

Seak Life

Couple Beck and Nick, along with their Kelpie, Astro - have travelled extensively overseas and decided they wanted to see more of their own backyard and do the Big Lap!


Not So Grey Nomads

A young family who left on an adventure to be able to say, "we work to live, not live to work".


The Left Laners

A couple of middle-aged empty nesters from the Sunshine Coast who left the rat-race for a more simple and carefree life on the road!

Gilliver's Journey

This family of 4 have always dreamed of exploring Australia. Now, they have sold all they owned, packed up their lives and now chase the sun, exploring everything from beach to bush!

One Way Or Another

This Tasmanian family and their dog, Buddy, are choosing a simpler life! They decided enough was enough and set off to travel the country, now onto lap #3!


The Fun Seekers

These self-confessed caravan rookies are out to have as much fun as they can! They hail from the sunny Gold Coast and are working towards their dream of doing the Big Lap!

Chemellos Down Under

A family of four from Tweed Heads who have been travelling for a year and started their big lap in January 2021!

Get Around Oz

This family loves to get out and explore the wonders of their home state, South Australia. They are excitedly planning a trip to Cape York in 2022.


Raising of the Sons

This adventurous, effervescent family love the outdoors, sports, and having fun! Growing up on the Victorian Surf Coast inspired them to live life with no regrets, so they set off on the road around Australia.

The Gould Tribe

A young family who prefer to stay off-grid and tick off their Aussie bucket list one destination at a time.


Bold Not Old

A travelling electrician and teacher who set off in 2016 for an adventure of a lifetime around Australia.

Southern Sun Travellers

This adventurous, effervescent family love the outdoors, sports, and having fun! Growing up on the Victorian Surf Coast inspired them to live life with no regrets, so they set off on the road around Australia.