1. What are Caravan Anti-Flap Kits?

    What are Caravan Anti-Flap Kits?

    Picture this; you’re sitting outside and enjoying a cup of coffee beneath the shade of your awning. All of a sudden, a gust of wind blows and the awning starts flapping uncontrollably. Annoyed by the flapping sound, you roll the awning in and proceed to go inside the caravan. No one likes dealing with a flappy awning since it takes away the entire caravanning experience, but thankfully there’s a solution to this problem and it’s called an anti-flap kit.

    As the name suggests, an anti-flap kit is a caravan accessory that limits the amount of flapping your awning does when it’s windy outside. It provides excellent awning stability and protects the awning from being torn or ripped. But before you go ahead and buy an awning kit, you need to understand what they’re all about. Let’s take a close look at this caravan accessory and see if it’s a worthy investment for your camping buddy.

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  2. Is your caravan RVSafe?

    Is your caravan RVSafe?

    You can never predict an accident, injury, or emergency but you can be prepared for them. Your RV is like a second home, so shouldn’t it have the same safety features your house would? There are a number of products made for RVs and caravans that can be installed to help prevent an accident or assist you if something does happen.

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  3. A Guide to Gas Installation in Caravans & RVs

    A Guide to Gas Installation in Caravans & RVs

    Considering that a gas system is very complicated to work with and can be dangerous, only a licensed gas fitter can install one in your caravan. A professional gas fitter is needed for the installation, relocation, and replacement of any of the gas appliances you have in your RV. They can also perform modifications and repairs of the pipework that connects your appliances to your gas cylinder.

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  4. Caravan Wheel Covers: Are They Worth It?

    Caravan Wheel Covers: Are They Worth It?

    It’s no secret that the accessory market for caravans is quite plentiful. From caravan covers and awnings to floor mattings and anti-flap kits, there are a whole host of add-ons that can help improve the look, feel, and functionality of your caravan. But one accessory that most people tend to overlook is wheel covers. This type of accessory fits snugly onto your caravan’s wheels to keep them protected from extreme temperatures, UV rays, road debris, and more.

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  5. How to Stay Warm in Your Caravan During Winter With These 5 Tips

    How to Stay Warm in Your Caravan During Winter With These 5 Tips

    There’s a reason why many of us love caravanning during winter and it’s because summer often gets too hot and there’s always the risk of washed-out roads. But one of the major downsides of winter caravanning is that it can get really cold at night. Like really, really cold. So, how do you stay warm and cozy during your winter travels? These 5 tips will help keep things a bit toasty and allow you to enjoy winter caravanning a bit more and we will also highlight a number of caravan accessories for you to choose from.

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  6. Fiamma F45 Installation Guide

    Fiamma F45 Installation Guide

    A step by step guide on how to install a Fiamma F45 Awning.

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  7. How to Choose a Caravan Hot Water System

    How to Choose a Caravan Hot Water System

    Nothing compares to heading off a long road trip knowing you have access to hot water anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re looking to take a steamy shower at the end of your day’s adventures or you just want that hot coffee early in the morning, a caravan hot water system is an integral part of your caravan’s set-up.

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  8. 5 Must-Have Accessories That Your Caravan Kitchen Needs

    5 Must-Have Accessories That Your Caravan Kitchen Needs

    When hopping from campsite to campsite, you’re inevitably going to miss the creature comforts that your home can provide. This is especially true in your caravan’s kitchen where it lacks some modern luxuries to make life a bit easier.

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  9. Safer Towing in Australia

    Safer Towing in Australia

    With travel restrictions keeping us in Australia, we know more travellers will be on the road looking to exploring our beautiful countryside, but before you run off to buy a brand-new RV you should become familiar with towing etiquette, safety tips and the latest gear out there!

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  10. A Guide to Cleaning Mould Off Your Caravan

    A Guide to Cleaning Mould Off Your Caravan

    It is the bane of every caravanner’s existence – unlocking their beloved caravan after a long period of storage only to be greeted with damp patches, black mould spots, and that disgustingly musty smell.

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