ALKO 2000 KG Override Brake Coupling - Zinc Plated. 614054PL

AL-KO’s Classic Override Coupling in Zinc
ALKO 3500 KG Electric Brake Coupling with Hand Brake. 614010PL

ALKO 3500 KG Electric Brake Coupling with Hand Brake. 614010PL

AL-KO AKS Tow-Ball Retention Plate. 618100

AL-KO AKS Tow-Ball Retention Plate. 618100

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The Override Brake Coupling has been around a while and AL-KO’s classic take on it has been hugely successful with hard working trailers since the day it was released.

While Override Brake Couplings are generally basic in operation using the trailers weight under deceleration to activate the coupling’s brake arm, there are some important requirements and some nice features that makes the AL-KO a popular option.

Firstly the AL-KO Override Coupling is specifically sprung for big braked trailers in the 1000 kg to 2000 kg range allowing you to ensure that that loaded trailer your using doesn’t over load the coupling and brakes under deceleration (AL-KO also do a lighter model from 500 kg to 1000 kg if required), Secondly it is multi-purposed depending on the brake attachment chosen as you can run the same coupling with Mechanical Cable Brakes or Hydraulic Override Brakes and Lastly it is easily serviceable with convenient placed grease nipples to keep it up to job whenever you are and with a full range of spares made available from AL-KO you can ensure this coupling will be of use for years to come.

The AL-KO override coupling as usual of AL-KO Engineering has all the great features that makes a sensible purchase such as its protective zinc-plating, easy to use spring loaded quick couple handle, reliable adjustable tensioned tow ball screw, robust reverse flip down latch and the standard heavy-duty construction with its accurate solid steel castings.

If you’re in need of a new coupling or looking to upgrade a generic one you can trust in AL-KO to deliver.

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