Genuine Suburban Anode Rod For All Suburban Hot Water Systems


A Genuine Suburban Anode for your Hot Water Systems!

Camco Tipsy Stix. 51463

Camco Tipsy Stix. 51463

Suburban Anode/Element Removal Tool

Suburban Anode/Element Removal Tool

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This is a Genuine Suburban Anode Rod. A Genuine Suburban Anode rod will prolong the life of you hot water service and also provide clean safe hot water.

All Suburban RV Hot Water Systems have an anode rod which absorbs all the corrosive action of hot water. It is located on the bottom of the Hot Water Systems under the main burner. To install, simply unscrew this to drain the tank of water and if the rod is mostly eaten away, simply replace it with a new one! 

The Suburban Anode Rod is made for use in the 4, 5 & 6 Gallon tanks. Please be aware that some imitation anode rods can cause damage to your Suburban HWS.

The downside of using a non-genuine anode

  • Incorrect thread which will cause damage to your tank
  • Wrong alloy composition which will make your tank smell like rotten eggs and also leave a green jelly like compound in the bottom of your tank
  • Incorrect length can cause damage to the cold water inlet socket within the tank


  • Overall Length: 238mm
  • Thread Size: 3/4" NPT
  • Made from Magnesium

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